Hello To WordPress

I never ever thought that I could even have a blog of my own. I always thought that somehow or the other blogging was not my cup of tea, I just don’t have it in me to be a writer.  But just like many good things are bound to start someday, here it is.  My First blog on WordPress …

The credit to this goes to Suman, the most important person in my life and of-course love-of-my-life, but somewhere in some corner of my heart, I also had a desire that someday I will be showcasing my writing talent to outside world and my friends alike, if I get an opportunity to do so. So after Suman relentlessly persuaded me to start a blog, I finally decided that at least for the sake of having a blog, let me start a blog. This will at least silence him for few days, I hate his nagging remarks about my bad Angrezi, hope to beat him hands-down someday, not sure when that day will come, if at all it comes(Doesn’t it remind you of classis David-Goliath Battle). But does just starting a blog mean anything ?? After all how many people update their blogs on a regular basis ?? May be one out of 10 or may be even 100 !! who knows ?? WordPress system-admininistrator will know better.

Well, here is an advice to all future visitors to my blog, Don’t expect a master-piece, after all its a blog of an amateur !! So keep visiting this place and don’t forget to leave behind an honest feedback to my wrtings…

2 responses to “Hello To WordPress

  1. Blogosphere Mein Aapka Swagat Hai 🙂

  2. U r most welcomed by me too…….its really nice to see u on blogosphere……..I would like to suggest u that never mind about the comment given by bhaiya to u on ur so called ANGEREJI….when ever u feel tensed ,after the comment……just remember the lines given by Kabir ”Nindak niyare rakhiye…………….”.it would really help u a lot.JUST KEEP IT UP ,I AM WAITING FOR UR NEXT BLOG….MY WISHES R ALWAYS WITH U.

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