Bigg Boss Gives Samir Second Chance

No contestant is down-and-out, even when he or she has been shown the door in Bigg Boss. There is always a second-chance either in form of wild-card-entry or guest appearances in Bigg Boss. Take for example Samir Soni.

Only couple of days ago, Samir was ordered to vacate Bigg Boss house after a great on-screen fight with Dolly (not sure, if it was for real or just for garnering extra attention and TRPs) and violating the rules of house. But Bigg Boss aka Salman Khan took a second look at the entire episode and concluded that Samir was ‘innocent’, so he offered Samir a second chance, which he gladly accepted. So in Bigg Boss, its not an end, even though it may look like one.

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