RGV Announces New Film “Department”

After doling out some horror movies(only a handful of them were able to scare the audience, others merely emptied his deep pockets)  and one with politics as the backdrop (This was a decent attempt and reaped good rewards at box-office), Director Ram Gopal Varma is back to making films on crime and politics.

His new movie Department is based on internal politics of the police department and is set to go on floors in April next year. According to him, its a fictional film on on internal politics and lives of encounter specialists named Department. The film is not based on any existing characters. Now talking of this fictional jazz, have not we heard of this so many times that we are used to treat all RGV’s movies of crime-politics genre as “A work of fiction based on a true story” 🙂

The director has roped in actors Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Ritesh Deshmukh but said he is yet to zero in on the lead actress.

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