Unwind with Obama : Talk with Phas Gaye Re Obama director Subhash Kapoor

According to Subhash, the idea behind making a movie like “Phas Gaye Re Obama” emerged from his own frustration after the industry virtually shut the door on him after his first film Say Salaam India had a low-key release in 2007 due to recession.  For him, the frustration was more from the fact that recession was something in which we had no role to play. Like many of our problems, it was also a creation of the U.S. So, in a way, to give vent to my anger I wrote a satire.”

Starring Rajat Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra, Manu Rishi and Amol Gupte, the film revolves around a U.S.-based NRI, gone bankrupt due to recession, and a group of gangsters, pennyless due to recession again, that operate in western Uttar Pradesh. Catch all the action on following short chat with him

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