Manoj Tiwari Cries Foul

Manoj Tiwari, who only recently was ousted from Bigg Boss house, is crying fould. He has blamed the show-organizers for “planning” his ouster beforehand. Tiwari further says that Ashmit Patel, who was also nominated alongside him for the ouster from Bigg Boss house, should have been given the boot but the channel retained him because his closeness to Pakistani actress Veena Malik brought in more eyeballs and TRPs for the show.

The actor also regretted his decision to enter the show, which tarnished his image, after he eventually got portrayed as back-biter among his house-mates.

The actor said though, he did not have a great experience on Bigg Boss, he was planning to make a comeback to the world of reality television very soon.

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