Protect Your Child’s Health

Being a responsible parent, I would like to discuss about kid’s  health. We keep our baby at home with closed door and think that our baby is secured; secured from all sorts of diseases, infection, bacterial attacks,but is it true ? Do you know it  is  possible that Your house could be host to several such factors that could affect your child’s health and your baby could suffer from sneezing ,allergy or other diseases.Here are the most common ones and ways to deal with them, that I came across while reading through Times Of India and Health Magazine.

  • Hand wash:Encourage regular hand-washing or use of hand sanitizers before and after every meal.
  • Pollution inside the home:Make sure nooks and corners of your house aren’t ignored as bacteria tend to breed there too.Specially make sure kitchen counters are always clean.It will be a good idea to dust your house regularly so that dust and pollen do not accumulate as these trigger allergies too.”Avoid scented candles and incense sticks, especially around infants and toddlers, as they may make it difficult for them to breathe,” says Dr Gariba.
  • Pesticides and insect repellent:Don’t let the baby walk in garden when you are using pesticides to protect your plants.Gives your kids a day out with family member when you are using insect repellent in your home because it may cause breathing problem.
  • Mobile/Gadget Radiation:While the technology has given so many good things to us ,it  has its evil side also.we have a lot of time to talk with our friend or family member who are sitting thousand of miles away from us even we don’t have time for our family members who are sitting close to us.“Prolonged exposure to radiation from phones and other gadgets like wi-fi enabled laptops can affect their cognition as it causes degeneration of cells in the brain,” Dhwanika explains.So if your child are using mobile or gadgets, limit their usage in terms of call duration.
  • Smoking: Don’t ever dare to smoke inside your house, thinking that your child’s room is on the other side of wind, so smoke cannot possibly reach his or her home. You may think that you have just expelled the last bout of cigarette smoke out, before coming to your child’s room. But you will be astonished to know how much damage this can do to your child’s health, especially to their lungs and heart. I am sure, you must have noticed those elevators at your work-place, smacking of foul smell of tobacco ?? Even though, no one smokes inside an elevator, for obvious reason(death :-)), you can still sense that smell. So its highly recommended not to smoke in the vicinity of child’s room and smoking inside the house is nothing but shooting yourself in the foot !!

You may be right in considering your house as the safest place from health perspective, but its not, if you don’t take good care of your baby !!


2 responses to “Protect Your Child’s Health

  1. Thanks for writing a very valuable topics which is being generally ignored by Parents. Apart from this, I would like to add some more valuable points which should be noted………….
    Breast feeding a baby, if viable, ensures that it is receiving all the required nutrients.It protects the child from acquiring any type of bacterial infections.

    Physical exercise is a must for growing kids.Encourage them to play outside for sometimes daily.Doing this will build character, and will not leave him an introvert.

    Impart the importance of brushing and maintaing healthy gum at all the times.make a routine of brushing at least twicw daily.

    Next important points is about food habit.Make sure for a healthy food eating pattern at your home.

  2. gud analysis,u r taking care of many things in ur blog apart from kids care,by using or following ur valuable tips we can save our money(reducing call duration),can leave smoking habits,protect ourselves(from any so called bacterial and viral attacks by using sanitizers)………so, good suggestions…….taking care of minute but very valuable things that usually people ignored to do so.

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