‘Tees Maar Khan’ Movie Review

Tees Maar Khan, one of the most anticipated movie of year 2010, has hit the box-office. The movie is a let down in terms of entertainment and comedy, but  the only good thing about this movie is Katrina Kaif’s “Sheila Ki Jawaani“. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket just for an item song featuring  seductress Katrina Kaif at her sexiest, then you should go, Otherwise it’s a full wastage of your money.

After watching Main Hoon Naa and Om Shanti Om, the last thing that we can expect from Farah Khan is a thought provoking movie. It’s a heist film, a typical Bollywood masala movie. The plot for the movie is very old and time-worn that I am sure you must have seen N number of times already. Some of us may even go to the extent of calling this a plotless flick !! What else we can expect from Farah ?? Through her unique style, she has tried changing the simple plot of movie to a full package, consisting of action, thriller, romance and wit. She succeeds in creating a magic during the first half, but fails miserably in doing so during the second half. In fact, the audience may feel disconnected in the latter half.

Even though this has been billed as a family-entertainer, too many fringe-characters, number of sub plots and overused one-liner likes ‘You Dirty Dog’  do anything but to entertain the audience. If the drama fails to touch you, the music (Vishal-Shekhar) doesn’t remain with you too long, either. Of course, Sheela Ki Jawani is an eye-popping item number and frankly speaking, that is only value for your time and money.

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