Change in HDFC PhoneBanking Numbers Customer Care Numbers Call Centre Numbers From February 2011

Starting from 1st Feb 2011, HDFC Bank is going to change their PhoneBanking numbers at 14 cities. To be honest with them, this change was long due and their customers will be more relieved than happy with this change. Earlier, with HDFC, if you are traveling to a different city within India, it was nothing sort of a nightmare, if you have to call up their customer care for something. You will literally need a separate phone book, just for storing their infinitely many numbers, close to one unique number for every city. The only area their numbers are common is the metro/A1 cities in South India, where Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad share a number 6600 3333, but even there Cochin has a different number 408 3333. The complete list of all Customer Care Numbers for Banking Related Queries can be found at Their Website.

Here is what they officially say on Their Website with regards to this change
Dear Customer,

We understand the need for fulfilling your banking needs while you are on the move. Keeping this in mind, we are coming up with a single number series, so that you do not have to remember multiple numbers while you are in Mumbai / Delhi & NCR / Bangalore / Chennai / Hyderabad / Pune / Ahmedabad / Kolkata / Chandigarh / Jaipur / Lucknow / Indore / Cochin / Patna (and Bihar / Jharkhand)

While all the existing statewide mobile number options will remain unchanged, the landline number for these 14 cities will undergo a change

Mumbai / Delhi & NCR / Bangalore / Chennai / Hyderabad / Ahmedabad / Pune / Kolkata    6160 6161
Chandigarh / Jaipur / Lucknow / Indore / Cochin / Patna (Bihar / Jharkhand)    6160 616

If you are calling from your Mobile Phones, you will have to prefix the STD code of the current city.

Now all metro/big cities across India share a common number, so is the case with most of Tier 2 towns, where HDFC offers banking services. Good that HDFC took note of the fact that bankers prefer one common customer care number across the spectrum. So this action is definitely timely, keeping interest of their customers in mind. After all, Customer is the King, isn’t it 😉


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