What Is Covered Area, Carpet Area,Built Up Area And Super Built Up Area In A House

Whenever we go for  purchasing a flat, we tend to get confused when we hear a number of jargons, like covered area, carpet area, built up area, super built up area to name a few, by real estate agents. Its not so difficult to be fooled in such rhetorics and these are one of the most common places where you can be(and in fact will be 🙂 if you are not alert) cheated by builders. This tutorial makes an attempt to help all prospective house-buyers in understanding these terms.

  • Covered Area : This is the Actual Area under the roof.
  • Carpet Area : As its name suggests, Carpet Area is the area where we can spread a carpet, means area calculated from inner wall to wall distance inside the house. This would also include steps if any, inside the house. So essentially, Carpet area is nothing but the net usable area inside the house.
  • Built up Area : Built up area is Carpet Area + Area of walls and ducts+ 1/2 the Area of terrace. This is usually 10% more than the carpet area.  A terrace is considered as half the actual area for calculating built up area.
  • Super Built up Area : This is built up area + area occupied by common amenities like lifts, corridors, awnings, club house, stairs. Super built up is usually around 25% more than Built up area. This is also called as Salable Area.

So next time you go around searching for a house and a property agent talks about these jargons, you know exactly what he is talking about !! If they are selling you a 1400 sq ft flat, then it doesn’t necessarily mean, you are getting 1400 sq ft  for personal usage. Here 1400 sq ft is super built up area or salable area. In reality, the actual usable area, that you might be getting, could possibly be only 1000 sq ft !! Let’s do the maths backwards

Carpet Area : 1000 sq ft
Built Up Area : will be ~ 10% more than carpet area, so it comes to 1000+100 = 1100 sq ft
Super Built Up Area : will be ~ 25% more than built up area, so it comes to 1100 + 280(~ 300) = 1400 sq ft.

You can see, even though you are buying a 1400 sq ft flat, you are only getting 1100 sq ft, as the remaining means 300 sq ft is nothing but area of your common usage like lifts, garden, stairs etc !! So if you want to compare two flats rate-wise, a rule-of-thumb would be to calculate carpet area first and then compare, how much you are paying per sq feet. This way, you will be able to do a  fair comparison and not get fooled by property-dealers 🙂

2 responses to “What Is Covered Area, Carpet Area,Built Up Area And Super Built Up Area In A House

  1. pancham gautam bhagat

    I have a newly constructed house having plot area 1500 sq feet. the construction area is as under Room -264 sq feet , hall 216 , dining 100 sq feet, W/C 50 sq feet, stair 100 sq feet, porch 100 sq feet, now I want to know area taken for the purpose of computation of House Tax in Madhya pradesh

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