Thumbs Up To You i.e, Readers Of This Blog :-)

Although, this blog was registered in April 2009, it was Oct 2010, when we took this blog seriously and started updating it on a regular basis. Towards the mid of December, we set a goal to reach 50 blog-posts by the end of year. We tried, tried hard, but couldn’t make it, although we missed it only by a whisker (2 posts). But then margin between success and failure is always thin, so why should this be an exception ??

But there was one thing, which encouraged us a great deal. Total Pageviews for our blog crossed the threshold (we consider it a magic landmark) of 500 views, despite limited, at times no, marketing and promotion. To some, it may sound exaggerating, but we strongly believe this to be one of the biggest achievements for us in year 2010 :-). The best part of this is, majority of our hits have come via search-engine, rather than direct URLs(Usually they come from our social-networks). Over the month of December alone, close to 200 out of a total 386 pageviews, were referred to by Search Engines.

We hope to continue with our exploits and hit the new year hard. But before that, I would like to thanks everone, who visited out site.  Yes, we researched those topics and wrote those nice articles, but more than any one else, the credit to all this goes to you, to our readers i.e, You. A big thumbs up to all of you 🙂

PS: Wish you all a very very happy, joyous, eventful and prosperous new year 2011. We hope, you will make this year one of your most, if not THE MOST, years in your life !!


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