Shweta Tiwari Declared The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 4

After witnessing some great fights(albeit on-screen), shouting, back-biting, noise making, abusing,making lewd comments, court fights, moral policing et al, Shweta Tiwari has finally been declared as Winner of Reality Show Bigg Boss Season 4 and as a result, walked way with the prize money of Rs 1 Crore. She is the first ever female contestant in Bigg Boss arena to have won the First Position. In the final round, a total of 4 contestant were left, Shweta Tiwai, Great Khali, Ashmit Patel and Dolly Bindra. The Great Khali and Ashmit Patel were declared  as first and second runners up for the show. Kan Khau Award went to Sara Khan, while Drama Baaz Award went to Manoj Tiwari. While Shwera walked way with a beautiful Chevrolet Car, all three runners-up took home a Suzuki Motor Bike each, while actor-model Sameer Soni received a Chevrolet Cruze as a special prize for being the boldest and most stylish participant of this season.

Even though there were number of ups and downs, good and bad things happened over past 90 days in Bigg Boss’ house, one thing was sure, Audience got full Paisa-Vasool Entertainment. Although people tried all sorts of tricks in book to grab audience’s attention and garner votes for themselves, Audience was not to be fooled and in the end, they chose whom they thought was the most clean in terms of their conduct on the show. So we can say, Shewta Tiwari deserved the crown more than any one else. Veena Malik by showing her skin and Dolly Bindra by abusing others can only result into an Increased TRP for the show, but audience would never like to see them as winners, whereas Shweta was having immense control on her mouth and behaved well with everybody and hardly foul-mouthed anyone. No wonder, audience voted for her and helped her win the coveted 1st prize.

With a charming character and nature as clean as a slate, she was a hot favourite in Bigg Boss 4 house and one of the top two paid contestants on the show. With this win, Shweta Tiwari now joined the league of Rahul Roy, Ashutosh Kaushik and Vindu Dara Singh who became the winners of Big Boss Season 1,2 and 3. When being asked as to what would she do with this much money, she replied that she would like to keep it for her daughter’s future.

You can watch the video of her being announced as winner on Final Episode of Bigg Bogg Season 4 at following link

2 responses to “Shweta Tiwari Declared The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 4

  1. i love shuweta tiwary n i wants marry wid shuweta tiwary n i like shuweta n i hv jst crashed on shuweta.

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