No One Killed Jessica Movie Review

No One Killed Jessica is a movie loosely based on the famous and sensational Jessica Lall Murder Case that rocked the nation and made headlines for more than a decade. The first half of the film simply flies by, without you even taking notice. It details all the events leading to the model’s murder and the court trail, where the accused is acquitted, despite having close to 300 witnesses and 3 prime eye-witnesses. During the second half, plot is dramatized with Media Activism as backdrop. Using a television news reporter as central protagonist, it goes on showing how Media mobilized General Public, through Constant SMS Activism, Candlelight March and many more of such public uproar, to stand up against the injustice delivered by Judiciary System and fight for a common cause, i.e, Justice.

Talking about the star-cast and their performance, I would say, a very commendable effort from almost all the protagonists. Vidya Balan brilliantly portrays the role of Sabrina, symbolizing a ordinary citizen’s fight for justice and the eventuality of their helplessnesses in the wake of strong unyielding political clouts in the country. She is the heart and soul of the film and carries the film almost single-handedly in the first half. Rani’s character portrays a thick-skinned, straight-talking star reporter, who spits out four-lettered words, almost at the drop of a hat. Although at some places, she goes somewhat overboard and her performance looks over the top.

After playing comic characters in Khosla Ka Ghosla(Remember Munjaal Sahab 🙂 and Ishqiya, Rajesh Sharma is noteworthy in his first serious role as a tough-cop in charge of the case, Neil Bhoopalam as the prime witness who turns hostile puts in a confident act. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub bears a close resemblance to Manu Sharma and portrays his character of a politician’s hot-headed sun with conviction.

Composer Amit Trivedi has done an excellent job with Music and background score. Raj Kumar Gupta does a good job in directing the move, after all this is what we all expected from him, the expectations were not unrealistic though, especially after watching Aamir (If you have not watched already, go, get a DVD for Aamir, his last directorial venture).

So the final verdict is No One Killed Jessica is a Must Watch and is all set to go down as one of the best movies of 2011, but after watching the first half, you wonder if it could have been better and more hard-hitting?? One part that was certainly missing was the High-Court-Trial that resulted into accused Manu Sharma‘s conviction, I personally feel they should have shown something out of that trial, as to how they fought a system, while still being part of the same system.

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