How to Transfer A WordPress Blog to Another WordPress User or WordPress Account

Couple of days back, I wanted to register a WordPress Blog with name oratorsblr , so I went ahead to and signed up for a new blog. But little did I realize that I was already logged in as sumansays !! I came to know of this, only when I went to my Global Dashboard and saw this blog listed under my name. So ultimately I ended up creating a blog for myself, which I didn’t really need. On the other hand, the person, who wanted to get this Blog registered was a different WordPress User(sumankumarblr), will not be able to register this WordPress blog oratorsblr anymore and have to look for an alternate home. He or she badly needs something, which is(and will forever be) lying unused under someone else’s name.

Thankfully, WordPress allows Blog-Transfer across WordPress Users, so if you don’t need any blogname, you can pass it onto someone, who may need it. Here are the steps on “How to Transfer A WordPress Blog To Another WordPress User or WordPress Account“.

Step 1. Go to My Account -> Global Dashboard, you end up with a page like the following

Step 2. Select “My Blogs” from the left side menu, which will lead you to a listingof all the blogs you are a member of

Step 3. Move you mouse cursor over the blog, you want to transfer to other WordPress user, it will show two options : Change Blog Address and Transfer Blog

Step 4:
Click on “Transfer Blog”, it will take you to the next page, where it would throw a Big Important Warning that Transferring Blog can’t be undone and you will lose access to your blog, unless the NEW USER allows you to do so

Step 5: Fill the username of email address of the new owner for the blog and click on “Transfer Blog“. If you wish to transfer a blog to a user who does NOT yet have an account, please have them register first at and only when they become a WordPress user(You can register forWordPress without necessarily registering a Blog against your name), you can transfer your blog to them. It will go back to “Blogs You’re a Member Of” and display a confirmatory message about your blog-transfer.

Step 6:
Go to your email account, which is linked to your WordPress user. There will be a email as follows

Click on the link provided in the email and you are done with your transfer. Next time, you login to your WordPress account, you will no longer see this Blog underneath your name.

3 responses to “How to Transfer A WordPress Blog to Another WordPress User or WordPress Account

  1. Thank you Ritu, this seems to duplicate information given in WordPress help files. But what then? I just followed these steps and the other user has seen no change in his “My Blog” list: no new entry has appeared and no other notification received. However if he tries to log in as admin of the transferred blog the dashboard of his other, primary, blog opens instead. What a bother!

  2. I am having the exact same problem after having transferred a blog to my username. Do you know how to resolve this?

  3. I transferred one blog to my other email address not realising i needed to register with it first and now it is missing! what can i do?

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