Airtel 3G Prices and Tariffs

Today 3G, Third Generation Telecom Technology, is talk of the town. Bharti Airtel, which is the No 1 Cellular Service Provider and has close to  150 million mobile  subscribers has just unveiled its 3G Services in Bangalore on 21st Jan 2011. As we write this blog post, yesterday they have launched 3G Services in two other south Indian cities, Chennai and Coimbatore, as well and promised to launch 3G Services in 40 Cities by March 2011.

Now a days, Mobile is not only an audio device, it behaves more like a mini laptop by which you can Browse Internet, Check Emails, Send and Receive Faxes and Instantly Download e-mail Messages with Attachments. After 3G‘s advent, Mobile Calls will not be restricted to Voice Call alone. With a 3G Enabled Mobile Handset and access to the 3G Network, you can make Video Calls, do Video Conferencing, receive Streaming Video from Web, watch Live TV, have access to High Speed Internet. almost everything possible with 3G services at hand.You can even switch between Voice Call and Video Call.

3G not only offers an amazing and lightening speed of up to 21 MBPS for Web Browsing and File Download. It can also empower demanding multimedia applications such as Video Conferencing, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), full motion video and streaming music.

But there is a word of caution, you can’t always expect good lightening speed from 3G, it depends upon various factors like including User Location, Network Availability, Mobile Device, Transmission Direction and external constraints. For effective use of 3G it’s better to use high speed HSPA handsets(High speed Packet Access) than WCDMA handset.

Prices and Tariffs:
Don’t worry about the changes involved, its going to eat up from your pocket, it won’t cost you much. 3G services plan would be broadly divided into Time-Based and Flexi-Shield plans.

Time-based Plans:
Occasional Users
Rs. 10, Rs. 45 and Rs. 60 recharge coupons.

Medium Users
Rs. 200, Rs. 450 and Rs. 750 recharge/plans with 30 day validity.

Heavy Users
With a rental of Rs. 650 per month, users get 1.25GB worth FREE data usage. Once the 1.25GB data usage limit is crossed, Airtel will charge 10 paise per MB till 14GB data usage and Rs. 2,000 Bill Cap. If you cross even the 14GB data usage then your data connection speed drops to 128kbps. This plan will most probably be targeted towards Airtel Post-Paid Mobile Subscribers.

This is not the end of 3G services offered by Airtel. Airtel 3G USB Modem Data-Cards have also arrived in the market, which gives you unbelievably high speed internet. As of now, there are two USB Modems available

  • Airtel 3G USB Modem 7.2 Mbps – E1731
  • Airtel 3G USB Modem 3.6 Mbps – E153

More information regarding Airtel 3G Future Launches, Exciting Offers, Prices and Tariffs, you can go to Airtel Website

So what are you waiting for ?? Just go and enjoy the experience of being in a new world of high speed 🙂

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