Track your PF (Provident Fund) Claim Settlement Account Transfer Online Or On Your Mobile Phone

If you have applied for PF(Provident Fund) Account Transfer or Money Withdrawal but have grown fed up of taking rounds of government offices for Tracking the Status of account transfer and money withdrawal claims, stop worrying and cursing the government system. There is a good news for you and all PF Account Holders. Government has finally taken serious notes of the grievances of 4.72 crores subscribers of EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) and has introduced a facility by which you can track your PF(Provident Fund)  Queries Online and even on your Mobile Phone via SMS.

You will be glad to know that data of 113 PF(Provident Fund) related offices has already been digitized and the same for remaining Seven offices would be completed by March end. Once all hard-copy records are migrated to soft-copy versions, it may not be required to run around PF (Provident Offices) for status-update on your PF (Provident Fund) queries and claims. In stead, EFPO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) subscribers will receive intimation via Short Mobile Messages (SMS) about the status of their request for Account Transfer and Claim Settlement.

In case of account transfer PF holders will get two messages. First  message will be for closing the existing PF Account followed by other one about the opening of a new PF account and the amount of money transferred from old to new account. Similarly, in Claim Settlement Requests, first SMS  would be for intimating that the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) Office has received your application and when the claim is settled, applicant would get  another message stating the amount is credited in the specified bank account.

But all this is possible only when the applicant mentions his or her personal mobile number in the application form. But it is observed that some of the applicants are somewhat hesitant to provide their personal mobile number and hence can’t avail this Mobile Update Facility. In stead, they can make use of this facility online.

At present this process takes about a month to process any claims, because it involves manual processing of your files at multiple desks. When everything is automated and put online, we can expect things to speed up. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see when we get the news of this upcoming facilities being made available to end-users.


20 responses to “Track your PF (Provident Fund) Claim Settlement Account Transfer Online Or On Your Mobile Phone

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  2. I have left job from Aditya Birla Retail Ltd in Sep 2010 and still I have not got my PF amount.
    My PF a/c No is MH/48681/7663

  3. Updated Status of Claimed PF Sattlement…!!
    I Received Sms from PF.Dept, that mentioned my PF Sattlement Claim ID, with Member Account No.
    Mentioned approved for payment through cheque., under process..

    • hi man,

      even i recieved that message 3 weeeks before and i haven’t recieved the money yet. have you recieved your money. how long it took for you?

      please call me on 7799001427

  4. what is my pf stutes my no KN/BN/24381/204
    i applayed 60 days befor , i completed 60 working
    when i will get my amount

  5. Vandana Bhagwan Naik

    I have left job in April 2010 from SI Group-India Ltd. which was on contract basis and I was on Pay Roll of B2B Labyrinth Services and I filled up the PF Withdrawal Form to withdraw my PF amount. But still I have not got my PF amount.
    My PF a/c No is MH/93641/1586

    Vandana Naik

  6. kalyani Jankoli

    I have left job in July 2010 from TATA Teleservice pvt ltd i filled upt the PF Withdrawal Form to withdraw my PF amount. but still i have not got my PF amount.

    My PF A/c no. MH/41081/28683
    Mobil no. 9930458687

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  8. Praveen Kumar

    I have applied my PF transfer from PF No. MH/47876/2829 to new PF a/c.
    Around 18 month gone but PF not yet transfered.

  9. rakesh gathania


    I Rakesh Gathania submitted my PF form at REGIONAL OFFICE (PUNJAB) Chandigarh
    S.C.O. 4-7, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh on dated 30may,2011 and also full
    filled all the formalities that are required like attested id
    prof,bank statement,etc for PF settlement.

    so received the confirmation message for the same on 31may,2011
    PF settlement Claim ID:PBCHD110500009832 //against A/c number
    is under processing..

    But today again I received one message PF settlement claim
    ID:PBCHD110500009832 //against A/c number PBCHD00297800000001701 has
    been rejected..

    Please confirm me the reason of rejection

    hope U will revert me with positive note

    Thanks and Regards
    Rakesh Gathania


  10. I have resigned from Birla Sun Life Insurance on 31st Sep 11, but yet to receive my PF. My account number is MH/211039/16420.
    Kindly check and give me the status of the same.



  11. Hi All
    My name is Deepak Pal,its been almost 2 years of my resignation to Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services Pvt Ltd.And its been 9 months i sent my PF withdrawl forms to the company but company submitted my Forms to RPFC for PF SETTLEMENT on 2nd May 2011.Unfortunately till this date i didn’t recieved any kind of update on this.My PF Account No. is MH/211244/897.
    request you all to help me in this regards.For Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications i got my PF into my bank account within 2 months time.

  12. Hi i was emp with ma foi managment consutant in 2008-09 i hve submitted my epfo on 22dec 2010 i want to know only that what amount iwiil reciev in my

  13. What amount i will reciev and when because since long time i am waiting for the same i have follow ups with ma foi consult person

  14. vijay pal singh

    What is current status of pf which I claim in dec.2010 my pf a/c no. is DL/15284/25146.

  15. Prathibha Rajesh

    I am Prathibha Rajesh applied for the PF still Not received the amount when will I get. My Pf A/c No is KN/BN/26522/576

  16. cyril nathaniel
    i have applied for pf but not got till yet 1year 1005086

  17. Can I use my NRI(O) account for the deposit of my PF claim? My NRI(O) account cheque book does not have my name printed on it.

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