Trip To Nandi Hills,Nandi Hills:Reviews,Tourism,Tourist Places,Travel Guide

Are you staying in Bangalore and feel stressed because of its traffic, pollution or your hectic schedule@Work Place ?? If so, this is the time to take a small break from your life and go for a trip. If you want to enjoy your outing as you would like to being in Shimla , but unfortunately don’t have time to go there, then the best place for you is Nandi Hills, a place filled with breathe taking scenic beauty, laced with mountain, dew,fog, strong wind and offers a pleasant climate on economized budget for  honeymooners. Previously, its name was Ananda Hills, meaning a place of happiness and it indeed is a place where you can happily unwind yourself. Interestingly, its present name is based on the shape of hill which resembles a sleeping bull.

Nandi Hills is located in Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka State, which is 60 kms from Bangalore city and situated 4851 feet above sea level.

How to reach there ??
Bus : Government buses runs from Bangalore, Chikkaballapur and Nandigrama. It takes 2 hours from Bangalore and 1 hour from Chikkaballapur to reach Nandi Hills.The hills has an 8 kilometers road from all the way to the top. But it is preferred that you take your Personal Vehicles. To reach there, from Majestic start towards Chikkaballapura on NH-7. After about 10 kms from the Airport crossing, turn towards left towards Nandi Hills. Google Maps for the location available here

As it’s name suggests, it is a hilly area with strong wind blowing across and that too at high altitude laced with dew drops and mist. The best time for visit is from sunrise time(typically around 6 AM) to 10 AM (when the fog starts disappearing pretty fast). There is an entrance gate leading to Nandi hills and is  open from 5:30 AM to 6:00 PM, on all seven days of a week.

Here the climate is moderate so we can enjoy the trip anytime but specially from June to August because of intermittent rain, we can experience little bit problem. The temperature is 25 to 28 centigrade during summer and 8 to 10 centigrade in winter. You can also choose to go at the time of Dussehra, during which a number of devotees pay homage at the temple situated on hill-top.

Prior Preparation:

  • It is very important to take proper winter clothes and snacks items in bag, as you will be taken by surprise by the temperature on hill-top, if you go unprepared.
  • Start your journey at proper time to reach the Nandi hills as early as possible in order to be able to see the sunrise on it.

Entry Ticket:
Entry fee is 5 Rs per person and 60 Rs for parking the four wheeler and 15 Rs for two wheeler.


  • We should be careful with  monkey and dogs on the hill (You can be sure there will be plenty :-))
  • We should take care for driving the car or vehicle also because there is only one road to the top and you can expect vehicles coming from the other side as well, that too amidst dew and fog. There are around 40 sharp curves in the way so one has to be extremely careful while driving both ways.

There is only one hotel on top that is Mayura pine which is run by KSTDC (Karnataka state tourism development Corporation). It is  very basic one but its location is fabulous. It is situated at one edge of the hill and you can enjoy to see deep down into the valley .On the other hand there is one Nehru house also which has more than 15 rooms ,in which you can enjoy ancient world.

Places Of Interest:

  • Temples:There are temples for Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha .
  • Tippus Drop:During Tippus empire the prisoners were pushed down from this point to death.
  • Rivers:Arkavathi river originated on the south-west of the hill,Palar river on the eastern side and Pennar river also originated from it but most of the sources have dried.
  • Tippus Residence:This was used as Tippus summer residence but now it’s not open to public.
  • Amruth Sarovar:It’s a beautiful water lake decorated with plants.
  • Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple:It has beautiful carving and also has a beautiful Kalyana Mantapa.
  • Secret Passage : A secret passage which was built for the Kings to escape during unforeseen attacks.

So what are you waiting for ?? Go, pack your bags and visit Nandi Hills 🙂


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