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Shweta Tiwari Declared The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 4

After witnessing some great fights(albeit on-screen), shouting, back-biting, noise making, abusing,making lewd comments, court fights, moral policing et al, Shweta Tiwari has finally been declared as Winner of Reality Show Bigg Boss Season 4 and as a result, walked way with the prize money of Rs 1 Crore. She is the first ever female contestant in Bigg Boss arena to have won the First Position. In the final round, a total of 4 contestant were left, Shweta Tiwai, Great Khali, Ashmit Patel and Dolly Bindra. The Great Khali and Ashmit Patel were declared  as first and second runners up for the show. Kan Khau Award went to Sara Khan, while Drama Baaz Award went to Manoj Tiwari. While Shwera walked way with a beautiful Chevrolet Car, all three runners-up took home a Suzuki Motor Bike each, while actor-model Sameer Soni received a Chevrolet Cruze as a special prize for being the boldest and most stylish participant of this season.

Even though there were number of ups and downs, good and bad things happened over past 90 days in Bigg Boss’ house, one thing was sure, Audience got full Paisa-Vasool Entertainment. Although people tried all sorts of tricks in book to grab audience’s attention and garner votes for themselves, Audience was not to be fooled and in the end, they chose whom they thought was the most clean in terms of their conduct on the show. So we can say, Shewta Tiwari deserved the crown more than any one else. Veena Malik by showing her skin and Dolly Bindra by abusing others can only result into an Increased TRP for the show, but audience would never like to see them as winners, whereas Shweta was having immense control on her mouth and behaved well with everybody and hardly foul-mouthed anyone. No wonder, audience voted for her and helped her win the coveted 1st prize.

With a charming character and nature as clean as a slate, she was a hot favourite in Bigg Boss 4 house and one of the top two paid contestants on the show. With this win, Shweta Tiwari now joined the league of Rahul Roy, Ashutosh Kaushik and Vindu Dara Singh who became the winners of Big Boss Season 1,2 and 3. When being asked as to what would she do with this much money, she replied that she would like to keep it for her daughter’s future.

You can watch the video of her being announced as winner on Final Episode of Bigg Bogg Season 4 at following link

SRK Coming Back On TV

Bollywood superstars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora Khan and many others have already appeared on the TV in 2010.Now it’s the turn of Bollywood Badshah King Khan. After a gap of three years, Shah Rukh Khan will make a return to small screen. But this time on a different channel with a different show.

SRK will be hosting the Indian version of Wipeout, an American show.This show has been aired in 22 countries and all episodes have been shot in Argentina.It will be interesting to watch most of the participants of Fear Factor and Bigg Boss take part in water-based adventure sports in this reality show.

After the stupendous  success of KBC , where he  replaced Amitabh Bachchan with aplomb as a host for the show’s third season ,  In 2008 he crashed down to earth, when he hosted another game show Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Let’s us all hope Wipeout doesn’t get wiped out similarly 🙂

More details can be found at following place

Manoj Tiwari Cries Foul

Manoj Tiwari, who only recently was ousted from Bigg Boss house, is crying fould. He has blamed the show-organizers for “planning” his ouster beforehand. Tiwari further says that Ashmit Patel, who was also nominated alongside him for the ouster from Bigg Boss house, should have been given the boot but the channel retained him because his closeness to Pakistani actress Veena Malik brought in more eyeballs and TRPs for the show.

The actor also regretted his decision to enter the show, which tarnished his image, after he eventually got portrayed as back-biter among his house-mates.

The actor said though, he did not have a great experience on Bigg Boss, he was planning to make a comeback to the world of reality television very soon.

Dolly Elected As House Captain on Bigg Boss

Barely a week after she was inducted back in Bigg Boss 4 after an ignominious exit  one week ago, Dolly Bindra is back with a vengeance. All of a sudden, she has become so popular (or at least we have been made to believe so)  amongst her Bigg Boss house-mates that they elected her as “House Captain” !! This is Bigg Boss house, so “Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Impossible” 🙂

More details regarding the same can found at

What is even more shocking is that Dolly Bindra, who was once the most indisciplined inmate in the house, has expressed her desire to make the house more disciplined and entertaining. Now, is not that a classic case of The pot calling the kettle black ??

Manoj Tiwari knocked out of Bigg Boss

Bhojpuri Industry Superstar Manoj Tiwari has been knocked out of reality show Bigg Boss 4. He spent a total of 9 weeks, before being eliminated.

On the show Aapka Farmaan, hosted by Salman Khan, Manoj Tiwari confessed that he didn’t wish to stay inside the house anymore. Ashmit Patel, who was also nominated, seemed very calm as compared to Manoj and survived the axe. Manoj was visibly very disappointed with few housemates and nominated Samir and Sara before stepping out.

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Celebrities Support Their Favourate Contestants on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 4 PR has taken another leap, as some well known and famous celebrities are tweeting about Events and Happenings@Bigg Boss House and openly promoting their favourate contestants and urging their followers to vote for them !!

Farah Khan, Sharman Joshi have been quiet active tweeting about ‘Bigg Boss 4’ on their micro-blogging page. Recently, Farah Khan was seen appealing the viewers to vote back Dolly Bindra to ‘Bigg Boss 4’ house, as he claimed the show was no fun without her. While, Sharman Joshi was seen asking for updates on ‘Bigg Boss 4’ from his followers on Twitter as he was out shooting for his film. Karan Johar has just appealed his followers to vote for Ashmit Patel so that he can be saved in this weeks elimination round !!

More details can be found at

We are used to hear those overly used dialogues “Kanoon ke Haath Bahut Lambe Hote Hain” every now and then, but looking at the events and buzz generated surrounding Bigg Boss 4, we may very well have to add one more “Waise Bigg Boss ke hath bhee kuchh kam nahin hain ” !!

More Reality Shows Under Gov’s Scanner

After the I&B’s ministry’s axe fell on Bigg Boss and Rakhi Ka Insaaf, more shows are under Government scanner and in line to be moved from their prime-time slots.

Emotional Atyachar season 2 is being followed closely, while keeping a tab on Roadies 8, which is in the audition stage. Also, the ministry is not impressed by the teaser of season 5 of Splitsvilla that starts December 5.

More details can be found below

Bigg Boss Gives Samir Second Chance

No contestant is down-and-out, even when he or she has been shown the door in Bigg Boss. There is always a second-chance either in form of wild-card-entry or guest appearances in Bigg Boss. Take for example Samir Soni.

Only couple of days ago, Samir was ordered to vacate Bigg Boss house after a great on-screen fight with Dolly (not sure, if it was for real or just for garnering extra attention and TRPs) and violating the rules of house. But Bigg Boss aka Salman Khan took a second look at the entire episode and concluded that Samir was ‘innocent’, so he offered Samir a second chance, which he gladly accepted. So in Bigg Boss, its not an end, even though it may look like one.

It’s All About TRPs

The ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson had been shipped all the way to India to participate in ‘Bigg Boss 4’ so that the reality show may be able to grab more eyeballs.

She came into Indian traditional dress sari, but was it really a sari ? May be an Indian Sari designed in Western style or the other way round, a western outfit somehow made to look like an Indian Sari. And she didn’t disappoint her Indian audience by exposing as much as she could, wearing an Indian Sari !! After all, she was paid a hefty sum of 2.5 crores for merely 3 days participation. No wonder, she had that broad smile on her face, as she made her way out of airport. Watch her doing all sorts of things, one could expect out of an international celebrity in following video

I was very happy to see that Indian ministry of information and broadcasting issuing an order to put ‘Bigg Boss 4’ on a later time slot at night, but what happened next. Just after one day there was a court-order and we got to hear that ‘Bigg Boss4’ will continue to air on prime time. And the very next day, it saw a TRP rating of 4.4 which is a record in the history.

So in my opinion all these controversies, news headlines and guest appearance are meant only to increase the TRPs, but even after all these things, final verdict is still in the hand of audiences, that is us.

Government Plays Censor

Reality TV shows Bigg Boss and Rakhi ka Insaaf will have to be aired after 11 pm and they will have to carry a band saying the programme is not suitable for children. No news channel can show excerpts of the two shows.

More details available at HT news website

In my opinion, this is the right thing to do. I have seen numerous vulgar scenes being shown as part of Bigg Boss and on many occasions, they are using all sorts of abusive languages, one could imagine. I would definitely not want my children to watch all these shows !!