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RituSays(Ritu’s Corner) Gets Its Own Domain Name RituSays.Com

There comes a day in every blog’s life, when it has to be hosted on a domain of its own in stead of relying on free portals like WordPress, Blogger etc. The day has come for RitySays.WordPress as well. Yes, after enough deliberation and dilly-dallying for a while, we have finally (sigh….) migrated [Ritu’s Corner] to a new domain name RituSays.Com.

The website RituSays.Com is now hosting all the blog-posts, that were originally published on While we are still not done with the blog-migration and there are few things that are still being worked over, namely User Subscriptions (email based as well as RSS/XML Feeds), WordPress URL Redirects, Themes etc, we expect you to have a look at our new home i.e, RituSays.Com.

For a blog, its readers are of utmost importance and their constant encouragement has motivated us enough, so as to keep this blog going great guns. We hope to see the same kind of enthusiasm from all our readers on our new home RituSays.Com as well. Looking forward to see you all there 🙂

PS: (Sadly) This will be our last blog on RituSays.WordPress.Com 😦


RituSays (Ritu’s Corner) crosses 50K page views :-)

Folks, It is time to celebrate yet another landmark for RituSays (Ritu’s Corner). We just crossed the magical figure of 50,000 Page Views (In fact, as we write this, we are already nearing 54K !!). We still remember how ecstatic, we were, when our site-stats crossed 500 at the start of this year (yes, you heard it right, we celebrated even 500 page-views !!) and then again around the mid of this year, when we received our First Page Rank of 1 from Google. In a span of just 9 months, we managed to clock 50,000 page views, averaging around 180 page views every day.  I have tried putting some Smart Stats for our Blog.

  • The month of August brought the maximum number of page views 8,593, while January was the least productive one with only 1,489 page views. Average page views per day for August and January were 277 and 48 respectively.
  • The busiest day i.e maximum page views that our blog attracted for a single day, was 429 on September 26th. We don’t have the exact date, when we had the minimum page views for a single day, as WordPress doesn’t store site-stats on a daily basis. But we expect that must been in the months of January, when it averaged 48 page views per day.
  • ~11000 page-views happened via searches using keywords, with the following search words bringing maximum number of visitspf account balance 451
    pf settlement claim id 397
    tatkal rules 2011 291
    difference between fixed deposit and recurring deposit 266
    indian railways tatkal rules 2011 249
    covered area 239
    new tatkal rules 2011 234
    pf account balance online 232
    band baaja barat review 231
    difference between fd and rd 186
    hdfc phone banking 178
    band baaja barat 167
    recurring deposit vs fixed deposit 153
    track pan card 145
    difference between rd and fd 142
  • Close to 5,000 page-views happened via referrals from various websites (predominantly search engines like Google, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and email-subscription via Yahoo, Gmail) 1,977
    Google 403 329
    Facebook 304 184
  • A total of 34 people subscribed to our blogs, while there were 10 subscribers for comment subscriptions.
  • A total of 97 posts were written, with January being the most productive one with as many as 33 blog posts. The credit to this goes to “WordPress Post A Day” challenge, which we so enthusiastically participated in, but had to call off due to other priorities.
  • Out of a total of 17 categories, Finance has seen the most number of articles written with as many as 32 blog-posts.
  • A total of 97 comments were posted, with Track Your Provident Fund being the most commented article with 20 comments.
  • Following is the list of top 10 blog posts, that attracted maximum number of page views from our readers
Title Views
Track your PF (Provident Fund) Claim Settlement Account Transfer Online Or On Your Mobile Phone 7,513
Indian Railways Introduces New Guidelines For Tatkal Ticket Bookings From 11th Feb 2011 : To Carry Original Id Proofs During Travel 5,209
Difference Between Fixed Deposit(FD) And Recurring Deposit(RD) 4,013
Track Your PF Provident Fund Account Balance Online 3,472
What Is Covered Area, Carpet Area,Built Up Area And Super Built Up Area In A House 2,904
PF(Provident Fund) Claim Process Track Your PF(Provident Fund) Claim Status 2,324
PAN Card Application, Apply and Track PAN Card Status India 2,011
Change in HDFC PhoneBanking Numbers Customer Care Numbers Call Centre Numbers From February 2011 1,477
How To Link Connect Facebook Account With WordPress Blog To Automatically Update Facebook Wall About Any New Blog Posts 1,472
“Band Baaja Barat” Review 1,470
PF Vs PPF Difference Between PF(Provident Fund) and PPF(Public Provident Fund) 1,408
Capital Gain Taxation Short Term Capital Gain(STCG) Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG) And DTC (Direct Tax Code) 1,356
LIC (Life Insurance Corporation Of India) Jeevan Anand Endowment Assurance Life Insurance Policy 1,334
Government Issues Clarification On DTC (Direct Tax Code) Clause For NRIs (Non Resident Indians) 1,332
Tax Benefit On Home Loans And Economics Of Purchasing Second House 877

All this has been possible due to all our readers, who have frequently visited our site and found our blog-contents interesting and useful. We hope, you will continue doing so and find our blogs useful. At times, we have not been able to update the blogs as frequently as we would have liked to, but we promise, we will try to keep such instances to minimum. Thank you all and wish you a very happpy Diwali 🙂

RituSays (Ritu’s Corner) Gets Its First Page Rank After Google Page Rank Update

Folks, it is time to celebrate. On June 27th, Google have issued an update to PageRank for the second time this year (First update happened in January 2011) and guess what ?? [Ritu’s Corner aka RituSays] has just got its first page-rank :-). Prior to this update, its PageRank was N/A (Not Available), but now its PageRank has increased to 1.

Last time, when we wrote about this blog’s popularity and hit-counts, calling for cheers and celebration, we had just crossed 500 hits mark, today we have clocked ~ 24000 Hits, with an average hit-count of 200-250 on a daily basis. Needless to say, we are happy and we are pretty sure, so are our readers.  This updated Google PageRank has definitely motivated us a lot. We hope to continue with our exploits in coming months and be more regular with our blog posts.  Thanks to everyone, who visited our site. We hope, you will continue doing so and find our blogs useful.

Thumbs Up To You i.e, Readers Of This Blog :-)

Although, this blog was registered in April 2009, it was Oct 2010, when we took this blog seriously and started updating it on a regular basis. Towards the mid of December, we set a goal to reach 50 blog-posts by the end of year. We tried, tried hard, but couldn’t make it, although we missed it only by a whisker (2 posts). But then margin between success and failure is always thin, so why should this be an exception ??

But there was one thing, which encouraged us a great deal. Total Pageviews for our blog crossed the threshold (we consider it a magic landmark) of 500 views, despite limited, at times no, marketing and promotion. To some, it may sound exaggerating, but we strongly believe this to be one of the biggest achievements for us in year 2010 :-). The best part of this is, majority of our hits have come via search-engine, rather than direct URLs(Usually they come from our social-networks). Over the month of December alone, close to 200 out of a total 386 pageviews, were referred to by Search Engines.

We hope to continue with our exploits and hit the new year hard. But before that, I would like to thanks everone, who visited out site.  Yes, we researched those topics and wrote those nice articles, but more than any one else, the credit to all this goes to you, to our readers i.e, You. A big thumbs up to all of you 🙂

PS: Wish you all a very very happy, joyous, eventful and prosperous new year 2011. We hope, you will make this year one of your most, if not THE MOST, years in your life !!

I’m Posting every day in 2011 as part of “The Post Every Day Challenge” !!

First of all, I wish all of you a very very happy and prosperous new year 2011. Its time to look back at 2010, what could possibly have gone wrong during that year, may be its high time you throw off those bad habits that hurt you badly during 2010, and start afresh in the new year 2011. And how about our favourite task, preparing a long list of new resolutions for the new year 🙂 One of my new year resolutions is a decision to blog more. Rather than just thinking about the appropriate time of doing it, I’m starting it right now !! I have decided to participate in “The Post Every Day Challenge”  and one of the main criteria for this contest is I will be posting on this blog once a day for all of 2011. Yes, you heard it absolutely right, on the first day of new year 2011, I am in no mood to joke. One blog every single day 😉

I know it is not going to be easy, but one thing I am pretty sure of, this might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of “The DailyPost“, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and goodwill along the way 🙂

India’s Nicole Faria Crowned Miss Earth 2010

Miss India, Nicole Faria has been crowned as Miss Earth 2010, after beating 17 other contestants at a talent competition in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. She took over over the reign of Larissa Ribeiro Ramos, Miss Earth 2009.

Faria, a 20-year-old girl from Bangalore, won the title at the talent show with a scintillating belly dance that combines Oriental and Middle Eastern style.Nicole also won the 2010 Miss Earth Talent Competition.

Congrats to Faria for making us all proud 🙂

IndiBlogger Rank

Couple of weeks ago, I registered this blog on IndiBloggers Network. For those, who don’t know what IndiBlogger is, its an online community of bloggers consisting of well above 21,000 blogs in the network, making it the biggest community of bloggers in India.

They have a way to rank blogs in IndiBlogger Network(mind you this is not the same as PageRank) and give a score to every blog on a scale of 100. This rank is popularly known as IndiRank amongst IndiBloggers. Every month they update their ranks for all blogs in their network.  Here is how they calculate IndiRank of a particular blog

  • A blog’s IndiRank is calculated based on various factors. Most blog ranking systems rate how popular a blog is. We’ve taken it a step further based on how deserving a blog is of becoming popular. This is to ensure that the lesser known, but well deserving blogs are pushed up the ladder as well. IndiRank will be completely refreshed every 1-2 months, so a blog’s previous rank will have no bearing on it’s present rank.

November IndiRanks are out and guess what..I got an IndiRank of 50 🙂 Despite my blog being so new(hardly two weeks of blogging) to get such a high IndiRank is indeed very encouraging. Hope to increase my blog’s IndiRank more and more, as I delve deep into Blogging.

Award Winning VFX Short Film

The short film “THE MYSTIC EVOLUTION” is a combined effort of 24 students who had a dream of achieving the best in the creative fraternity. The film portrays the after effects of Natural disasters on our planet and ancient creature animation.

Please find the video at following URL

We all are aware of the after effects of natural disaster but I never thought that our present actions can effect our future in this way. Hope this 9 minutes short film will be an eye opener for so many people and after seeing this video, I am sure, you will be feel ashamed of using plastic and will thing at least twice before doing so.

You guys@IACG – Creating Creators are real heroes, who did such a rocking job. Hope you enjoy watching the video.

Revisiting The Childhood Days

It was mid of May. A small little girl, about 10 years old, was sitting with her friend Jyoti under a small cottage of mango garden in a remote village in North Bihar called Jagatpur. This non-descript village came under the very district Supaul,which attained nation-wide-media coverage few months ago owing to the devastating floods, dubbed as a national calamity by our own prime-minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (Or should I say glorified care-taker of a real PM sitting in 10, Janpath !!)

The only middle-school that is existing in this village was founded by owr own Nehru Chacha during his hay-days, although he never came back to found another one. The result ?? Even now there was no intermediate school in and around the radius of 10 k.m from this village !!

Small Girl: My friend, Do you know today it will be decided whether I would be a special girl or a simple ordinary girl?? I do not know what God is going to do with me ??

Jyoti: Why ? what will happen today?

Small Girl: My father went to supaul(near by town) to see my navodaya entrance result.

Jyoti was somewhat bemused at this question of her friend. Apparently, she was thinking that since she already belongs to a socially affluent and financially well-off family in this village, this girl is already destined to succeed. O.. By the way Jyoti has never got a chance to attend any school .

Jyoti: If you would pass your exam then what will happen?

Small girl:You do not know,it will change my life will be like I would go to heaven from hell.Please pray to God for my result.You know very well there is not a single good school in supaul district except navodaya(just to add, its a free govt school with all facilities including fooding,lodging and all your academic expenses). Papa will not allow me to go to patna because first thing that i am too young a girl to go outside. Secondly, he won’t be able to afford the hefty cost of staying in a good hostel.

Jyoti: You do not worry, you will surely get your goal.

Looks like God was also listening to this conversation, after all he is ubiquitous, isn’t he ?? So God answered to the pray of these two little girls. We could see Papa coming towards her. Even though he was far off, we could see a great smile written all over his face(Probably he is not that good at hiding his emotions and so he was not at all able to hide his great smile). I knew I got through it, yes I got it !!

Papa: Hey,dear do you know today you fulfilled my dream.I was not at all expecting it from you because you were looking youngest among all other students sitting in navodaya examination hall. Today its your day. You have made me and this village proud. Tell me, what do you want ?? Whatever you want, you can ask for, anything !! Today I am really very happy for you.

Small girl: I am also too happy.I want to do what you never allowed me to do. You never allowed me to take bath in pumping set water with my village girl friends. I want to do it please papa. This is what I want as my reward.

Papa: Ok dear. As you wish, I am sure you could have asked for more. Today you can do whatever you want.

Small girl: Thank you papa,You are so sweet.


I saw a very big school,it was really like my dream school and I was standing in front of the school.I was very fascinated for big school’s hostel where there will be a proper routine and school dress.I was with my mummy,papa, didi and Rahul who all were crying profusely for being separated of me. Even papa’s eyes were full of tears. But I just went ahead and was running towards hostel gate like anything. Come on, after all this was my dream-school !! I looked back once at my parents and siblings and swung my hand to say bye to them.

This shows that time in north Bihar parents were so fascinated to navodaya. A typical middle-class family was not having any choice for their children, except Navodaya .This was the turning point when a girl stepped outside from the village and got a direction to get success and do whatever she always wanted to do.

Thanks Navodaya. Thanks for all that you have provided. I am not sure, if anything can be done to revive its fortune and flagging health in wake of mushrooming english-medium private-schools and people’s obsession about these schools. But I owe my life, my success to you Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Supaul !!

Hello To WordPress

I never ever thought that I could even have a blog of my own. I always thought that somehow or the other blogging was not my cup of tea, I just don’t have it in me to be a writer.  But just like many good things are bound to start someday, here it is.  My First blog on WordPress …

The credit to this goes to Suman, the most important person in my life and of-course love-of-my-life, but somewhere in some corner of my heart, I also had a desire that someday I will be showcasing my writing talent to outside world and my friends alike, if I get an opportunity to do so. So after Suman relentlessly persuaded me to start a blog, I finally decided that at least for the sake of having a blog, let me start a blog. This will at least silence him for few days, I hate his nagging remarks about my bad Angrezi, hope to beat him hands-down someday, not sure when that day will come, if at all it comes(Doesn’t it remind you of classis David-Goliath Battle). But does just starting a blog mean anything ?? After all how many people update their blogs on a regular basis ?? May be one out of 10 or may be even 100 !! who knows ?? WordPress system-admininistrator will know better.

Well, here is an advice to all future visitors to my blog, Don’t expect a master-piece, after all its a blog of an amateur !! So keep visiting this place and don’t forget to leave behind an honest feedback to my wrtings…