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RituSays(Ritu’s Corner) Gets Its Own Domain Name RituSays.Com

There comes a day in every blog’s life, when it has to be hosted on a domain of its own in stead of relying on free portals like WordPress, Blogger etc. The day has come for RitySays.WordPress as well. Yes, after enough deliberation and dilly-dallying for a while, we have finally (sigh….) migrated [Ritu’s Corner] to a new domain name RituSays.Com.

The website RituSays.Com is now hosting all the blog-posts, that were originally published on ritusays.wordpress.com. While we are still not done with the blog-migration and there are few things that are still being worked over, namely User Subscriptions (email based as well as RSS/XML Feeds), WordPress URL Redirects, Themes etc, we expect you to have a look at our new home i.e, RituSays.Com.

For a blog, its readers are of utmost importance and their constant encouragement has motivated us enough, so as to keep this blog going great guns. We hope to see the same kind of enthusiasm from all our readers on our new home RituSays.Com as well. Looking forward to see you all there 🙂

PS: (Sadly) This will be our last blog on RituSays.WordPress.Com 😦


Use Guest Blogging To Publicize and Promote Your Blog And Increase Traffic and Google PageRank

Guest Blogging is defined as Accepting Posts from other Bloggers to publish for free on your blog, or writing posts for other Bloggers to publish on their blogs for free (If you are good enough, you can charge some money as well. But then, if you are already good enough to make money with your writing, you won’t be writing on others’ blogs, Right ;-)).

Guest Blogging is a great way to build your Online Reputation and Drive Traffic to your blog and can be treated as a Traffic-Building and Networking-Tool. This will help in your Blog’s growth and also gives you an opportunity to market your writing skills in Bloggers’ Circuit. Usually, Guest Bloggers are allowed to have a small brief about them, which appears at the bottom of every Guest Post written by then and people allow Guest Bloggers to have one or two links of theirs, something like
So you can choose to mention your Blog URL, so that visitors who may have liked your Guest Post can go to your blog for more.

So by doing Guest-Blogging on a mature blog with decent traffic, a novice blogger can get more visibility by virtue of more Backlinks and Hits to his new blog. It also increases your Google PageRank as its pass the PR to your website from the hosting blog. Further, it brings freshness to your blog. All of us have a certain way of writing, and so have the Guest-Bloggers. So with their fresh content, your blog will be queried by search engines with more and more search terms, further boosting your traffic and PR.

Now a days, most of the blogger, if not all, who are interested in Networking and Generating Traffic for their Blog, are into Guest Blogging. So next time, you see the following at the top or bottom of a blog-post

You know this is a Guest Post written by a Guest Blogger. Now that, I have discussed enough about the various benefits of allowing Guest Blogging and writing Guest Blog Posts, when are you going to do that 🙂

How To Link Connect Twitter Account With WordPress Blog To Automatically Update Twitter About Any New Blog Posts

Many of us have a WordPress Blog and a Twitter Account, where we frequently put updates for our blogs with regards to new blog posts. Every time you write a new post in your blog, in order to update your Twitter with the same, normally you have to do the following steps

  • Open your WordPress blog homepage
  • Copy the newlycreated blog’s URL
  • Open a URL Shortener like bit.ly or goo.gl
  • Enter the URL for your newly created blog
  • Get the shortened URL
  • Shorten the Title Of your new blog-entry, if its too long
  • Open your Twitter account
  • Paste the Shortened blog-title along with shortened URL into “What’s happening?” text-box and   press the Tweet Button.

So, You have finally tweeted about your new blog entry. Sigh…
Now that is some work. How about WordPress doing all this hard-work for you for free ??

Yes, you heard this right, WordPress allows its users to connect/link their Twitter Account to their WordPress Blogs, so that a tweet is sent automatically on your behalf, everytime you post a new entry to your blog.

Here are the steps on “How to link or connect your Twitter Account with yout WordPress Blog” and automatically update your twitter with any newly created blog posts.

Step 1. Go to My Account -> Global Dashboard, you end up with a page like the following

Step 2. Select “My Blogs” from the left side menu, which will lead you to a listingof all the blogs you are a member of

Step 3. Under the Publicize drop-down, you check the Twitter Box. It will open a Pop-up confirming your action and asking for your permission to authorize your WordPress account to connect with your Twitter account. You press the Authorize OK button

Step 4. It will go to Twitter URL and now Twitter will ask for your confirmation with regards to allowing your WordPress Account access to your Twitter account. You click on Allow

Step 5. It takes some time to complete and when it finally returns, you will again be at the Global Dashboard with a congratulatory message at at the top confirming the same that you have successfully connected your WordPress Blog with your Twitter account.

So next time you write a new blog-post, you don’t need to go to twitter for updates regarding your new blog-post. The moment you click “Publish” button , WordPress goes ahead and updates your Twitter status, as follows

So, enjoy the feeling of not tweeting about your new blog-posts any more 🙂

Thumbs Up To You i.e, Readers Of This Blog :-)

Although, this blog was registered in April 2009, it was Oct 2010, when we took this blog seriously and started updating it on a regular basis. Towards the mid of December, we set a goal to reach 50 blog-posts by the end of year. We tried, tried hard, but couldn’t make it, although we missed it only by a whisker (2 posts). But then margin between success and failure is always thin, so why should this be an exception ??

But there was one thing, which encouraged us a great deal. Total Pageviews for our blog crossed the threshold (we consider it a magic landmark) of 500 views, despite limited, at times no, marketing and promotion. To some, it may sound exaggerating, but we strongly believe this to be one of the biggest achievements for us in year 2010 :-). The best part of this is, majority of our hits have come via search-engine, rather than direct URLs(Usually they come from our social-networks). Over the month of December alone, close to 200 out of a total 386 pageviews, were referred to by Search Engines.

We hope to continue with our exploits and hit the new year hard. But before that, I would like to thanks everone, who visited out site.  Yes, we researched those topics and wrote those nice articles, but more than any one else, the credit to all this goes to you, to our readers i.e, You. A big thumbs up to all of you 🙂

PS: Wish you all a very very happy, joyous, eventful and prosperous new year 2011. We hope, you will make this year one of your most, if not THE MOST, years in your life !!